A Defense Base Lawyer - Protecting Workers Compensation Claims

A Defense Base Attorney is an attorney who represents injured workers who qualify under the Defense Base Law. This law provides workers' compensation benefits to workers and contractors who are injured on a government or private military base while on duty. The base attorney will be an attorney who has experience in representing workers' compensation claims from these types of bases and will work to establish the injured worker's cause of action, or claim, for compensation.
The law allows a worker to file a work injury claims against a private or government employer if he or she is injured at work on the premises of a government or private military facility while on duty. In order to win a claim under the law, the worker must meet the criteria stated in the law. These are that the worker must have sustained a physical injury as a result of working at the facility. The worker also must have been injured on the premises of the facility as a direct result of his or her employment with the employer.
The injury can come about from being hurt while in the process of performing his or her job or being injured while on the property itself. For example, if an employee is working from home in an office building, falling off a ladder while carrying items out of the building will not constitute an injury as this would be considered an involuntary or unintentional accident. An accident where an employee is hurt while on a public work project such as a roadway where he or she may be operating a large vehicle or equipment will also not qualify under the law. An accident that occurs while on a private work location such as a farm or ranch will not qualify under the law as this will not include accidents that occur while the employer is on the property. The definition of an accident will vary depending upon the law. Be sure to view here for more details!
An accident that occurs while an employee is performing a task on property is considered an accident under the law if the injury was sustained because the worker was doing a task in such a way that he or she was unable to perform the task safely. A worker will not be eligible to receive compensation under the law, if the injury was sustained in another way but was caused by the employer's negligence. Be sure to check it out!
In order to be able to file a worker's compensation claim under the law, the worker must contact a Defense base Act lawyer to obtain legal advice, representation and assistance during the claim process. This lawyer will be responsible for researching the laws and regulations that apply to his or her state and research any potential causes of action that a worker may have. If the law firm is unable to find an applicable statute or regulation, it will attempt to determine the best resolution for the claim by consulting with its client and will submit an application. Know more about lawyers at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_injury_lawyer
A Defense base Act lawyer will use all available resources to help the worker to obtain compensation. It will discuss possible compensation with an injury lawyer, who will research the statute or regulation that applies in the case.